The countdown is on

We are thrilled to be welcoming a huge line-up of fantastic guests to Huddersfield next weekend for the conference.  You can read about all of them in the Programme, which can be accessed ahead of the event here.  If there are any last-minute registrations to be made, please get in touch via the online form here.  In the meantime, travel safely everyone… we can’t wait to meet you all!




Registration deadline extended

Hello everyone

Things are certainly coming together for Vocality/Instrumentality and we are very much looking forward to seeing you all in Huddersfield in January.  If you have not yet registered, there is some good news: the Earlybird price deadline has been extended to Sunday 18 December.  Please do register as soon as possible so that we can make sure we have everything ready for you!  January is not so far away…


Programme announced!

Hello everyone

Thank you very much to those of you who submitted proposals for the conference.  The Programme Committee ended up being spoilt for choice: we received many more ideas than we were able to include in an event of only two days, and we’re sorry not to be able to hear presentations of all of them.  However, we think we’ve chosen a pretty exciting line-up of papers, postgraduate research statements, panel discussions, posters, and performances, and I’m so excited to meet all of our presenters and participants.

Check out the programme here to find out just what is in store.  More information on our presenters will folllow soon.



Nearly there!

Thank you very much to those of you who have taken the time to send in your ideas.  I’ve had the pleasure of reading some really excellent proposals and I’m looking forward to seeing the last few trickle in today and tomorrow.  If you’ve not sent yours in yet you have until the end of tomorrow.  Don’t miss the opportunity; we’re going to have wonderful weekend in January!  Whether you’re hoping to present or to come along and join us for the ride, keep an eye on the website… programme coming SOON!


Five days left!

Hello all

This Friday at midnight is the deadline for Vocality/Instrumentality proposals.  Please submit your plans for papers, posters, lecture recitals, 10 minute student research statements, performances, installations, and anything else you may wish to contribute to an eye-opening weekend of conversation.  The Programme Committee is really looking forward to discussing them next week.  Make sure your ideas are on the table!

As soon as we know who our presenters will be, I will start featuring them here on the blog so that we can get to know one another a little in advance of the event.  With just under 15 weeks to go at this stage, there will be plenty of time to read up on the delegates, guest speakers and performers who will be leading the charge over the weekend, and to identify who might be a potential match for your research interests.

Exciting times ahead!


7 October deadline approaching…

Greetings everyone!

Just a reminder that the deadline for our Call for Participation in Vocality/Instrumentality 2017 at the University of Huddersfield is next week.  We have already received some fascinating and diverse proposals, and I’m very excited about getting together with our Programme Committee to tackle the task of assembling a wonderful programme for you over the coming weeks.

Please submit your proposals of papers, performances, posters, lecture recitals and everything in between via the website by midnight on Friday 7 October, and spread the word through your networks of friends, colleagues, and students.


Conference update

Some fabulous progress has been made toward Vocality/Instrumentality over the summer!

  • We have received notice of financial support being sent in our direction from the Music & Letters Trust, which, in addition to the support offered to us from the University of Huddersfield Researcher Development Fund, the University of Huddersfield Department of Music and Drama, Huddersfield Centre for Performance Research, and the RMA, is going to help us host a really special weekend in January.
  • We have also had confirmation that, in addition to our visit from Professor Lydia Goehr (Columbia University New York), who will be giving the keynote address, we will benefit from the expertise and generosity of Professor Daniel Leech-Wilkinson (King’s College London), who has agreed to Chair the Postgraduate Research Statement Sessions, and share some of his current research with us.
  • Additionally, the rather spectacular Juliet Fraser has confirmed that she will also be in Huddersfield with us in January to perform Morton Feldman‘s extraordinary work Three Voices (1982), a trio for one voice.

Please continue to visit our website for updates, and share it amongst your friends and colleagues.

Don’t forget that the deadline for submissions is 7 October 2016!



The website is live!

Welcome to the Vocality/Instrumentality 2017 website.  Thanks to the Huddersfield Centre for Performance Research, the University of Huddersfield Researcher Development Fund and the RMA we are really looking forward to hosting a fantastic two days at the University of Huddersfield in January.  Please have a look around and share our pages widely with your friends and colleagues.  Over the coming months we will keep you updated on guest presenters, performances, the programme, and other conference news.  We are excited to read your proposals and would welcome any comments, suggestions or questions you may have about the event during the lead-up.  Leave a comment below or get in touch here.