I suspect that it may be unfashionable to acknowledge that one needs to eat and drink at a conference.  Possibly even less so to suggest that this aspect isepicure_logo_circle1 a feature of the event.  Fortunately, I am not especially fashionable.  Therefore, let it be known that if you make a trip to the glamorous town of Huddersfield this coming January to talk all things musical (and perhaps even extra-musical) with a group of diverse and interesting people, you will not (unless it is through circumstances of your own devising for which I cannot be held responsible) be drinking instant coffee whilst this experience unfolds.

Photo credits: Kyte Photography

Simon and his team at what was, until recently, Coffee Kabin, but is now the altogether more pleasingly spelled Epicure Bar and Kitchen, will be taking care of our culinary needs over the weekend.  Batch-brewed coffee, specialty teas, homemade lunches, Epicure’s own take on canapés, and a lovely vino or two will be on offer during Vocality/Instrumentality 2017, because it has been proven scientifically that people eating great food have great ideas and are, without exception, extremely nice to each other.  He’s going to take equally good care of those guests who have particular dietary needs, so don’t forget to note them down for us when you register for the conference.

This is what the Epicure team has to say for itself:

Epicure Bar and Kitchen brings together coffee, brunch, lunch, wine, dinner and beer in a comfortable setting.  It’s the go-to emporium for flavoursome locally sourced foods and artisanal treats.  Epicure’s organic approach to fine cuisine, coffee and craft ale aims to excite the connoisseurs and the curious alike.

So, whether you are a connoisseur, curious, or in fact, just hungry like the rest of us, you will be looked after in Huddersfield!

This is actually what Simon’s coffee looks like.  Truly.  Kyte Photography wouldn’t lie to you.

Epicure Bar and Kitchen

37-39 Queensgate, Huddersfield HD1 2RD, England