Conference update

Some fabulous progress has been made toward Vocality/Instrumentality over the summer!

  • We have received notice of financial support being sent in our direction from the Music & Letters Trust, which, in addition to the support offered to us from the University of Huddersfield Researcher Development Fund, the University of Huddersfield Department of Music and Drama, Huddersfield Centre for Performance Research, and the RMA, is going to help us host a really special weekend in January.
  • We have also had confirmation that, in addition to our visit from Professor Lydia Goehr (Columbia University New York), who will be giving the keynote address, we will benefit from the expertise and generosity of Professor Daniel Leech-Wilkinson (King’s College London), who has agreed to Chair the Postgraduate Research Statement Sessions, and share some of his current research with us.
  • Additionally, the rather spectacular Juliet Fraser has confirmed that she will also be in Huddersfield with us in January to perform Morton Feldman‘s extraordinary work Three Voices (1982), a trio for one voice.

Please continue to visit our website for updates, and share it amongst your friends and colleagues.

Don’t forget that the deadline for submissions is 7 October 2016!




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